Marketing Plan

Premium slides for marketing presentations

Talking about the marketing plan or the results you always need to visualize a lot of numbers, charts, graphs, tables. Beautiful and clear to do it will help this layout. You don't have to think up what type of scheme to use to present certain information. It is enough to choose the blank of the 140+ slides and just enter the data.

Other features of the layout:

  • The prevailing gray-blue color scheme - looks stylish and restrained at the same time
  • Slides are made for different types of information - just text, text and pictures, text and charts, diagrams, tables, illustrations
  • There are map templates in case you need to mark geographical objects.

You can add other elements and additional slides as needed. The easiest way to do this is by copying existing template elements or copying slides and replacing information.

The template is available for download free of charge and without registration.

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