Business Plan 2.0

Business Plan 2.0. PowerPoint Presentation Template

Do you need to talk about the company's business plan or present a development plan for the coming year? Everything will work with this template! Inside there are more than 100 slides that will allow you to talk about processes, analytical indicators, and the merits of each team member.

Other chips:

  • design in soothing white and blue colors, but the color scheme can be changed in a couple of clicks (5 variations are available)
  • under the same information, several design options are presented, from which it is realistic to choose the most suitable one
  • there are slides made using neomorphism trend.

You can add other elements and additional slides as needed. The easiest way to do this is by copying existing template elements or copying slides and replacing information.

The template is available for download free of charge and without registration.

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