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4 Stage Infographics Powerpoint Template - Steps Up

4 Stage Infographics Powerpoint Template - Steps Up

This Infographic consists of 4 elongated rectangles of different heights. Arranged from smallest to largest, the figures form steps. Each of the shapes has a color difference, an icon and text boxes.

Infographics can be used to build the stages of the bottom-up process - a process in which there is a characteristic of increase, growth, development. Or, conversely, a decline, if you arrange the figures in reverse order.

Infographic Template Features

  • Upon implementation, the elements are easily adapted to the used color scheme;
  • There are 3 demonstration slides with white, gray and black layouts;
  • Fully editable objects: text, shapes;
  • Widescreen format (16: 9);
  • Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides;
  • This template is fully ready for use. Just insert it into your presentation and edit the texts.

Infographic Template in Google Slides:

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